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Regional Film and TV Archives

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Allan SIEGEL (Hungary / Germany / Serbia)
Usti Opre (77 min.) 2008
USTI OPRE is a feature length documentary film. In music and images, it travels across the diverse l...

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Jurgis KRASONS (Latvia)
In search for new brand flying hedgehog ball arrives to a territory untouched by globalization. Afte...

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Concentration (1 min.) 2008
While staring into a mirror contemplating a great many things, a man is transported to the world of ...

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Martin RAHMLOW (Germany)
Aal im Schädel / Eels (17:40 min.) 2008
The short film tells the story of The Traveller, who suffers from a mysterious illness and is searching for salvation.

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Francisco SOUSA & Vitor PEDROSA (Portugal)
Short Fiction
One shop buys and sells feelings. These feelings are represented by candies. There are two rows: one for selling candies, the other to buy...

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Giga CHKHEIDZE (Georgia / Germany)
Khorumi (6 min.) 2008
Documentary / Experimental
KHORUMI is one of the most popular dances from Georgia. It dates back to the period of the heroic wa...

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Laerke DREWS (Denmark)
Laura - in Action (15 min.) 2008
Short Fiction / Animation
Laura Fagerholm arrives in the big city hoping to publish her comic book featuring the superheroine Miss Crystal...

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Élisabeth CORONEL & Arnaud de MEZAMAT (France)
Para-Dice (25 min.) 2008
Created by Saburo Teshigawara for the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève, in 2002, Para-Dice is performed by four girls and four boys...

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Annette APON (Netherlands)
Utrecht C.S. (30 min.) 2008
Stations are among the few “heterotopia” we still have left, places used intensively by ...

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Heidi KÖPFER (Switzerland)
Walls (12:36 min.) 2008
WALLS, finds isolated figures in a labyrinth of cells, corridors, staircases and metal gates.

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