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 2019. október 
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07:42  –  31th MEDIAWAVE webTB programme(86')

This WEEKLY ACTUAL is about the FILMSHOOTING 'self. The city of Győr is coloured by young filmmakers again. The Revita Television's staff immortalizes the shooting grup of the awarded screenplay.

As a first short movie we choose an animation made by one of the Passport Control's antecedent generation, the artist Csáki László. The nucleus of filmmakers in Győr was called then Visual Workshop of Győr. WASPS, GEESE, PEAR-TREE is sfixing the origin of two buckles.

The Passport Control is being organised between 13th-22th of February and it is called this time PASSPRING.
The next five shorts are yields of the filmworkshop-series Passport Control, cronologycally: SKY TRACK - directed by Timur ISMAILOV, Sara VERWEIJ, APPLE GARDEN - directed by ZOMBORÁCZ Virág, PERFORMING LIFE - directed by Aaike STUART, PIKNIK - directed by Mirela VLAD, Madalina SAUCA, Stefan TATU, Patrick MORARAS, Neil COLTFENAU, Radu IGAZSAG, LABYRINTH - directed by KISS L. Marcell.

In the last film an altaic throaty singer and musician and his two mates creates the band ARTEM TRIO. The director is HARTYÁNDI Jenő. This is a very unique product, a real „white blur” one. They come to Europe for the very first time. The Altaic folklore musice is a real curiosity. The Altaic speaks ancient Turkish language, which has many common words with Hungarian language 8this proves that they are our eastern relatives). They are treated like indians in North-America: they are nearly closed in reservations. They respect the nature.


Edited by: Adél Csilla SZÉKELY

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Documentary REVITA Televízió (Hungary)
This morning, Attila Antal from Subotica (Serbia) started to shoot his short fiction film in frame of the Passport Control Film Workshop. The director graduated at the Film Academy in Novi Sad two years ago and this is his fourth film. The film plan was submitted to the screenplay application of the Filmfund Győr. Attila Antal and the MEDIAWAVE have had a connection for a coupl...

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Animation CSÁKI László (Hungary)
The chalk-drawing animated film is based on Richard Brautigan's novel: „Revenge of the lawn”. This is a remembrance, the story of a childhood memory about grandma' and grandpa'. After the death of grandpa', Jack took over the domesticities, and delivered grandma's bourbon on his truck. Grandma's whisky served as a salutary refreshment during prohibition times. Her house wore the traces of two accidents...

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Short Fiction Timur ISMAILOV & Sara VERWEIJ (Netherlands / Hungary)
Desire, loneliness, birds in the sky and on the glass…

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Short Fiction Aaike STUART (Netherlands / Hungary / Germany)
Who defines the identity of a character on the scene of daily life? This film explores the techniques we apply every day to design, affirm and enervate who we are. It’s also a film about film, in which the same techniques are being used. What’s real now? When can we identify ourselves with someone else? And who’s the director of our daily performance? Performi...

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Animation / Experimental Mirela VLAD & Madalina SAUCA & Stefan TATU & Patrick MORARAS & Neil COLTFENAU... (Hungary / Romania)
Introducing the city of Győr by using a MEDIAWAVE PICNIC sign. PASSPORT CONTROL 5 International Film Workshop 25 April - 3 May, 2008 Győr, Hungary The aim of the „PASSPORT CONTROL” project is to help the artistic activity and cooperation of the young people from Europe and the different regions of Asia in international context. The workshop chose film, photo and art...

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Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary / Russia)
Only music - Altaic throaty singer and musician and his two mates creates the band. This is a very unique product, a real „white blur” one. They come to Europe for the very first time. The Altaic folklore musice is totally unknown all around the world so it’s a real curiosity. Altay belongs to Russia for 250 years. The Altaic speaks ancient Turkish language, w...

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