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Népszerű filmek

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animáció / kisjátékfilm Yulyia Koscheeva (RUS) (Magyarország / Oroszország)

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dokumentumfilm / zenefilm / táncfilm Hartyándi Jenő (Magyarország / Oroszország / Spanyolország)
closing concert... PASSPORT CONTROL 30 MEDIAWAVE GIPSY - HUNGARIAN PROGRESSIVE MUSIC WORKSHOP 1-3 May, 2014, Fort Monostor, Komárom, Hungary leader of workshop: BOTH MIKLÓS - gitár (Napra együttes) participants: PALIMO BAND - OLÁH DÁNIEL - vocal (Jászfényszaru), BÍRÓ MÁRTA - vocal (Dávod), RÁCZ RICHÁRD - keyboard (Salgótarján), BALOG TAMÁS "Cérna" - tambura (Mohács), BÁDER JÁNO...

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dokumentumfilm / táncfilm Linczenbold Maximilián (Argentína / Magyarország)

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dokumentumfilm Sára Sándor (Magyarország)
Új filmek

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kisjátékfilm DOBI Ferenc (Magyarország, Románia)
Four young people go on a camping trip. While it’s simple youthful fun for two of them, things will never be the same between Andris and Juli after the weekend. Juli tells Andris a secret he can’t quite cope with. Unable to decide whether it’s some sick game or he’s witnessing someone’s life crumbling under evil forces, Andris feels a strange mixture of disgust and attraction...

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animáció Martina MESTROVIC (Horvátország)
A universal parable about differences, told in three colours. A story about the natural and the excluded, the normal and the uncommon; a duel between learned binary oppositions. The film reflects on an important issue: If our nature isn't a threat to anyone, then who or what prevents us from living our life – possibly the only one we have – to the fullest?

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animáció Begoña VICARIO (COORDINATOR) (Spanyolország)
Building on the celebration of St. Agatha's Eve —a deep-rooted Basque tradition in which people walk from house to house, accompanied by improvised verse-makers (bertsolaris) in a festive atmosphere, singing verses to the beating of long sticks—, bertsolari Maialen Lujanbio offers a stark denunciation of gender violence. In verse after verse, she condemns the differ...

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kisjátékfilm Alireza NESAEE (Irán)
Afghan boy his name is Israel, who immigrated to the Iran is faced with many problems.


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Rock 2008
kísérletifilm Kurt d'HAESELEER (Belgium)
Underneath a water surface or in an underwater world, we can see people floating. They could be a concert audience; listeners to music by TUK perhaps, for which 'Rock' servesserves as a music video. But they are lying still, floating, beyond their earthly existence. Mesmerizing noise accompanies them through a channel of a pixel-infected nature that swallows them up and spits t...

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animáció Matthew EVERTON (USA)
The story takes place in a suburban house living room. A man is up late at night unable to enjoy his favorite TV program after a long day of work. There is a creature that stares blankly at him. The man is unable to figure out what its intentions are and slowly drives him toward insanity. He desperately tries to seek answers to what the beast wants from him.

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dokumentumfilm Alexandra GULEA (Románia)
Azi eram Frumoasã, Junã focuses on the lives of the people of Clejani, a village situated about 50 km from Bucharest, where most of the families have traditional ties with music. The band Taraf des Haidouks, which formed after the collapse of the Communist regime, has been the most representative musical voice of this people. Through images of everyday life, the film ...

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Left 2008
kisjátékfilm / kísérletifilm Alexandre PHILIPPE (USA)
An impressionistic short film largely inspired by Andrew Wyeth’s paintings Christina’s World and Overflow, LEFT centers around the heartbreaking separation between a woman and the man she loves. Devoid of dialogue, this haunting and operatic film poetically reveals the grief of a woman trapped by the memory of her husband’s departure in the midst of windswept grasslands.

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dokumentumfilm / kísérletifilm DEÁK Tamás & HARTYÁNDI Jenő (Magyarország)
only Hungarian - The film is a reflexion to the ideological propaganda marking the upcoming end of the socialism. The end could not be seen then yet. But calling ourselves independent film makers (at that time these words had a meaning) we started to raise topics which the professional film makers and television were scared to even think of. One of our methods was to put the an...

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