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BOKA GÁBOR: MEDIAWAVE CIRKUSZ - MEDIAWAVE'95 ELŐADÁSOK - sztárok: Badár Sándor, Szőke András, Dresch Mihály
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Hartyándi Jenő
MEDIAWAVE Alapítvány
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Short Fiction Steffen WEINERT (Germany)
Actually Olli only wanted to have noncommittal, anonymous sex. But when he went out the door the daughter of his “Pick-Up” crosses his way. 6 year old Yvonne is not happy with the unlucky lovelife of her mother and decided to find a real boyfriend for her … and for herself a new dad.

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Short Fiction Milos RADOVIC (Jugoszlávia)
This is a comedy about some tragic events that took place a few years ago in modern Serbia. Absurdity is a way of living in my country.

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Experimental KÁLDY László (Hungary)

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Documentary / Dance Lovas Bálint & Boka Gábor (Hungary)
dance performance - a few Hungarian text - performed by Hajdú Dance Ensemble of Debrecen Leader of dance ensemble Tiszai Zsuzsa & Lovas Bálint script Boka Gábor music by Szeredás Band tales by Kálmán Péter „Cucás” puppet sound Fekete Dávid costum by Tiszai Zsuzsa kellékek Terebesiné Csendom Éva & Terebesi Imre coreographies by Tiszai Zsuzsa, Lovas Bálint &am...

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Experimental / Animation VADÓCZ Péter (Hungary)
As you walking on the streets, the flags of EU-countries are come into sight anything you just look at. The EU is in the objects, in the creatures, in the people. The colorful EU is around us. An experimental spot to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the European Union.

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Experimental BUHAROV Igor & BUHAROV Ivan (Hungary)

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Animation Radu IGAZSAG (Romania)
Parisians have the aperitif, The Viennese have the fanfare, The people of Ploesti have politics... I.L. Caragiale

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Short Fiction KÁLDY László (Hungary)

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Experimental KÁLDY László (Hungary)

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Short Fiction VÍZKELETI Dániel (Hungary / Germany)
What happens if a girl looking for her mentally handicapped brother meets a boy loking gentleman at first and then it turns out he isn't at all. PASSPORT CONTROL 5 International Film Workshop 25 April - 3 May, 2008 Győr, Hungary The aim of the „PASSPORT CONTROL” project is to help the artistic activity and cooperation of the young people from Europe and the different regions of Asia in international context...
Film adatok

Director: Hartyándi Jenő

78 min. 1995 BetacamSP, Colour, szöveges, Hungarian



Operatőr: Lengyel Sándor, Karmanoczky Andrea

Vágó: Hartyándi Jenő

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