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El otro camino. Tango con Rodolfo Mederos
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A Different Way. Tango with Rodolfo Mederos / Másképpen - Tangó Rodolfo Mederosszal
Spain / Germany
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Rodolfo Mederos is a bandoneonist, a composer with an enormous oeuvre, one of the authorities on the tango – and an inspiration to new generations of musicians. Born in Buenos Aires and still living there, the city has always been his muse: ;I am a product of my city Buenos Aires, a product of every single alley and corner....; And this is apparent every time Mederos plays the bandoneon, be it fronting one of his many ensembles or as a soloist, just the man and his instrument. The sounds of his bandoneon are like musical images of life, like a journey through the corners and times of his native city.
The artist Rodolfo Mederos thrives on his city. Floating above Buenos Aires like an angel, his playing captures the essence of a gigantic city that never sleeps and only finds moments of rest in Mederos music. His music is an inseparable part of the city and reflects its modernism and intensity.
Mederos is a child of the modern age, yet constantly aware of his roots. Hundreds of tourists come to Buenos Aires to explore the tango ; a genre that has long spread all over the world. Rodolfo is now 65 and at the prime of his career. His struggle for the tango ; the lonely campaign of a man and his bandoneon continues. The future remains uncertain; the only road open is straight ahead. The audience of today and tomorrow is already waiting.

Másképpen -  Tangó Rodolfo Mederosszal

Gabriel was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, where he worked as graphic designer and after accomplishing his studies at the film school, as director of documentaries and short films. He lived 5 years in Budapest where he worked as documentary director. His credits include the short feature El último guión screened in Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico and the United States, several TV programmes for South America, and the award-winning documentary Domingueando awarded by the Felix Oliver Grand prix at the 20th International Film Festival of Uruguay, at the 33rd Hungarian Film Week and at the Mediawave International Film Festival. Gabriel is currently developing his first full-length feature film, with the support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union. His documentary, Stalin City Cantata, developed in the framework of the 2004 Discovery Campus Masterschool, was released 2006. His latest documentary for KELONMEDIA is "A Different Way. Tango with Rodolfo Mederos";.


1995 El último guión

1998 Tacurú, pinceladas de eternidad

1999 Tiempos y cambios

2000 Egy különös iskola
Documentary (Hungary- MANRÉZA Stúdió)

Fényi Gyula gimnázium
Documentary (Hungary- MANRÉZA Stúdió)

2002 Domingueando
Docudrama (Uruguay, Hungary - 3J+1 BT, LIBRECINE)

Arriba el Sur
Documentary (Uruguay, Hungría - LIBRECINE)

2003 Gyõry
Documentary (Hungary – LIBRECINE, Duna TV Budapest)

2004 Confesiones de un ciudadano
Documentary (Uruguay, Hungary - 3J+1 BT, LIBRECINE)

2005 Stalin City Cantata;,

Documentary developed in the framework of the 2004 Discovery Campus Masterschool

In development:
La Pelota;

fiction film (Hungary - Uruguay) – with the support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union

Kelonmedia Entertainment
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Director: Gabriel SZOLLOSY

56 min. 2007 DVD, Colour, szöveges, Spanish , English felírattal



Screenplay: Gabriel Szollosy

Operatőr: Nyika Jancso

Zeneszerző: Rodolfo Mederos

Vágó: Steffen Herrmann

Narrátor: Rodolfo Mederos

Szereplők: Rodolfo Mederos, Miguel Poveda, Ariel Ardit, Iturriaga Quartet


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