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Short Fiction


Népszerű filmek

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MATA Csaba (Hungary)
ZACSKÓ (8 min.) 2006
Short Fiction / Experimental
Certain parts of the city of Győr are suddenly occupied by the bag-headed people.

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Jean-Yves CHALANGEAS & Fabrice MATHIEU (France)
Dr KILL & Mr CHANCE (7 min.) 2006
Short Fiction
Doctor Kill, the best professional killer, must kill the luckiest man of the world. But the killer is always caught in one's own trap.

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BALOGH János & HORVÁTH Zoltán & BOROS Ferenc... (Hungary)
Short Fiction
Four short fiction episodes recorded on Super 8 mm. They are connected to each other by remembering the traditions...

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Timur ISMAILOV & Sara VERWEIJ (Netherlands / Hungary)
SKY TRACK (5 min.) 2006
Short Fiction
Desire, loneliness, birds in the sky and on the glass…

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