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Népszerű filmek

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animáció / kisjátékfilm Yulyia Koscheeva (RUS) (Magyarország / Oroszország)

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dokumentumfilm Sára Sándor (Magyarország)

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kisjátékfilm Ramón ALÓS (Spanyolország)
Before and after kissing Maria narrates, from the point of view of Raúl, a 9 year-old child from a small village in the Spanish countryside, his adventures to kiss Maria, his 12 year-old cousin, which as every summer, has come to the village to spend her holidays.

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dokumentumfilm / zenefilm Silló Sándor (Magyarország / USA)
TM Stevens - bass, lead vox, Stevie Salas - guitar, backing vox, Delmar Brown - keys, Garry "G Man" Sullivan - drums, backing vox TM Steven's skill and proficiency globally as a bassist and vocalist is legendary. A luminous figure amongst today's bassists, he has unbelievable energy, stunning stage presence and knows how to win a crowd over within minutes. His ferocious, yet me...
Új filmek

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kisjátékfilm Alireza NESAEE (Irán)
Afghan boy his name is Israel, who immigrated to the Iran is faced with many problems.

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kisjátékfilm Masoud SOHEILI (Indonézia, Irán)
"A boy and girl explore an abandoned cinema and find a role of film that they watch but are thrown out by security before they finish the film so they try to imagine the ending."

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kisjátékfilm Ernesto MARTÍNEZ BUCIO (Mexikó)
I can’t tell my name. I have 3 months of pregnancy. They pay us to take care of people with my boyfriend. We want to leave. Have enough money but they brought another guess. He’s 8 years old. We didn’t take care of any kid before. He’s getting sick and my boyfriend doesn’t want to do anything. I shouldn’t take him outside It’s dangerous if M...

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kisjátékfilm DOBI Ferenc (Magyarország, Románia)
Four young people go on a camping trip. While it’s simple youthful fun for two of them, things will never be the same between Andris and Juli after the weekend. Juli tells Andris a secret he can’t quite cope with. Unable to decide whether it’s some sick game or he’s witnessing someone’s life crumbling under evil forces, Andris feels a strange mixture of disgust and attraction...


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kisjátékfilm Damian John HARPER (Németország)
The war agains terror has engulfed the globe. The media bombards us daily with propaganda: Islam is terror and terrorist are Muslims. Nusret, a young european Muslim feels the weight on hs shoulders as he realizes that he is under military surveillance. His only defense is his music. But today not even his cunning raps can help him. The World horrifying battle for natural recourses has found its way direct inot his living room.

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dokumentumfilm / kísérletifilm H. Michael SANDERS & David HARTZ (USA)

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animáció Jonathan PASTERNAK (Izrael)
A story about a monk during the black plague searching for redemption while he deals with death all around him. Based on a true story.

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dokumentumfilm Paczolay Zsófia (Magyarország)
The Second China-CEEC Summer Dance Camp

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dokumentumfilm / zenefilm Silló Sándor (Csehország / Magyarország / Szlovákia / USA)
Rene Trossman - guitar, voice, Rene Lacko - guitar, voice

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