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Honey and Sting
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United Kingdom
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In an other-worldly garden a beekeeper tends his hives of magical honeybees. Each day he bids these fabulous creatures leave their Eden and reveal the bittersweet essence of desire to an unsuspecting world.

A powerful first attraction lulls the young Eve into a pleasurable sleep, yet as she dreams, she is jolted into a dark, untameable rapture.

Aristide decides to end an unfair love affair. But seeing Melissa again reignites his desire until he finally recognises the harsh truth.

When love goes wrong a young man is strangely comforted to find that pain can bring pleasure too.

Come dusk, the beekeeper wistfully welcomes his friends back to the garden, knowing its harmony comes at a price.

Major screenings:

Libertas Film Festival Dubrovnik

Newport Beach Film Festival

Golden Lion Film Festival

LA Shorts Film Festival

Winner, Prize for Best Short Film
WT Os International Film Festival
Norway, November 2006

Gold Medal for Artistic Excellence
for Impact of Music in a Short Film
Park City Film Music Festival
Utah, January 2007

Nominated for Best Short Film,
Teide Film Awards
Tenerife International Film Festival
April 2007
Sybil MAIR

Having studied French and German language and literature, sybil's professional background is in translating. In her search for a personal creative challenge, she wrote "Honey and Sting," her first short film. "Honey and Sting" has played at almost 30 film festivals world-wide, has been nominated three times for awards (twice in best short film category), and has won best short film in Norway and Gold Medal for Excellence in Music at the Park City Film Music Festival (Utah).

Sybil H. Mair
Honey and Sting. 35mm short film (2006).
The Chef's Letter. 35mm short film (2008, anticipated).

Sybil MAIR
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Film adatok

Director: Sybil MAIR

20 min. 2006 35mm, Colour, szöveges, English

Distribution: Sybil Mair

Production: Sybil Mair

Screenplay: Sybil H. Mair

Operatőr: Andrei Austin

Zeneszerző: Stephen Daltry

Vágó: Helle Le Fevre

Szereplők: Antonio Fargas-Beekeeper; Ebony Gilbert-Eve; Nicholas Irons-Aristide; Michael Gilroy-Young Man I


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