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At the end of the 1960s exploratory drillings were made in Egerszalók, Hungary, in search of crude oil. To everyone's surprise thermal water of excellent quality gushed up from one of the wells instead of oil, but it was immediately stopped. Later, someone passing by, turned the tap on, and thus water began to flow freely. Then the people living in the area discovered it and started building pools, with the help of the local co-operative. The thermal baths earned itself a great reputation throughout the years, and was open for anyone, any time. Smoking and drinking alcohol was permitted in the pools at first. The place has still no built infrastructure, and at times there are so many people in the pools that newly arriving guests simply don't fit in. The baths had many owners, but the two settlements in the area, Demjén and Egerszalók, were never able to come to an agreement as to the ownership rights. The thermal baths has its own distinct ambiance and atmosphere, which turns it into something of a ritual place.

CSÁKI László & PÁLFI Szabolcs

László Csáki (Mosonmagyaróvár, 1977) graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts of Budapest, Department of Visual Communication, in 2002. A member of the Hungarian Independent Film and Video Association and Young Artists' Association, he participated in several collective and individual exhibitions.

CSÁKI László
Duna Műhely
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Film adatok
Film adatok

Director: CSÁKI László, PÁLFI Szabolcs

17 min. 2006 BetacamSP, fekete-fehér, szöveges, Hungarian

Forgalmazó: Duna Műhely

Gyártó: Duna Műhely

Forgatókönyv: CSÁKI László, PÁLFI Szabolcs

Operatőr: CSÁKI László, HORVÁTH Árpád, PÁLFI Szabolcs

Zeneszerző: Bujdosó János

Vágó: CSÁKI László, PÁLFI Szabolcs

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