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Hungary / Serbia
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The underlying problem with portrait documentaries on performers is that they either confuse the emanation from the artist who opens up on stage of identify it with the man who lives behind his works.It is always via his music that we try to grasp the virtuoso as an individual, however, the opposite way holds: music comes form your life. This picture presents the source for virtuosity as being a search for partners, fights with an often uncompromising audience, ordeals during rehearsals and the tension of practice sessions. I wanted a film sketch on Félix Lajkó, the young violinist from Vojvodina, so that his talks with eagles and butterflies would be more telling than those music and filmic cliches at hand. Obviously, film is the art of deception or cheat. This is my version. Do not be sure it is true! It is a film sketch because you need to continue, you need to find further approaches. I want to coin the term „continuous film. 

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Magyar Filmszemle versenyprogram, MEDIAWAVE Fesztivál,

"Meeting in Siberia' International Documetary Film Festival - Novoszibirszk


organizer, independent movie maker
(Born in: Győr, 13/03/1956)
He is concerned with shooting films since the end of the 1970’s
/detailed professional resume available here /
Since 1986 member of the Amateur Film Studio Győr
Since 1989 founder of the Visual Cenrte Győr
Since 1991 director of the MEDIAWAVE festival
Since 1999 head of art in Rómer Ház
Initative, researcher, editor and communicater of the Film Archives of Győr

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Performer: Dr. NAGY-L. ISTVÁN The Town Archive of Győr has organised scientific conference with the collaboration of other countries’ famous institutes for 12 times within the frames of Mediawave. The conference’s theme is the 200th anniversary of Battle in Győr, happened in 1809 in the time of Napoleonic wars with attendance of famous national and international lecturers.
Film adatok

Rendező: HARTYÁNDI Jenő

40 min. 1997 BetacamSP, Black & White - Colour, szöveges, Hungarian, English felírattal



Operatőr: HARTYÁNDI Jenő, SZOLNOKI József

Zeneszerző: Lajkó Félix


Szereplők: Lajkó Félix

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