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GYIMESI BÁL - az első gyimesi táncház a román forradalom után
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GAME OF GYIMES - first "gyimesi" folk dance party after the Romanian revolution
Hungary / Romania
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Lengyel Sándor
MEDIAWAVE Alapítvány
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4.6 (8)
Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő & Szalai Zsolt "Zsömi" (Hungary)
Prewiev - total closing concert (43 min.) Good quality - closing concert & report (31 min.) Leader: Kalocsai Tamás - drums Members: Drapán László - sax, clarinet, flute, synt, Takács Gergő - guitar, Hegedűs Csaba - guitar, Hegedűs László - e.bass

0 (0)
Music (Hungary)
With his exhibition, the Polish photographer reflects on jazz, one of the most important elements of the music aspect of MEDIAWAVE. He made his huge photos of artists like Peter Brötzman, Tomasz Sztanko, Gephard Ulmann, Viktor Tóth and Mihály Dresh in clubs of Krakow, Stockholm and Budapest. The exhibition’s title refers to the sensitivity of film in classical traditional...

0 (0)
Short Fiction Nagy Péter (Hungary)
Hannaleena HAURU (FIN): If I Fall (short fragment) Hatuey VIVEROS (MEX): Tide (short fragment) Pierre PINAUD (FRA): Crumbs (short fragment) Andrew HAIGH (UK): Five Miles Out (short fragment) Jan WAGNER (POL): My Brother (short fragment) Adina PINTILIE & George CHIPER (ROM): Balastiera #186 (short fragment)

5 (2)
Documentary / Music Szántó Ferenc (Hungary)
György Szabados (Born 1939 in Budapest) is a Hungarian jazz pianist, and is sometimes referred to as the "father" or "unofficial king" of the Hungarian free jazz movement since the 1960s. Biography Even though he started performing in 1962, Szabados' rise to fame is generally considered to have started with his quintet winning the renowned San Sebastian Jazz Festival Grand Prize in the free jazz category in 1972...

5 (2)
Documentary MAKÓ Andrea (Hungary)
The Ojtoz pass runs along the border of Moldova and Transylvania. Hundreds of trucks are coming and going between the two territories but somehow it still looks forgotten. This is where the Jánó brothers, Gyula and Elemér live. They do woodcarving and work on their house daily. The postman comes once a month and then it is posibble for them to hitchhike to the city. They buy fruit and coffee in the market...

4.5 (2)
Experimental KÁLDY László (Hungary)

0 (0)
Documentary NEMES István (Hungary)

0 (0)
Documentary / Music HARTYÁNDI Jenő (Hungary / Romania)
Dresch Mihály - sax Grencsó István - sax Benkő Róbert - bass Baló István - drums guests: Halmágyi Mihály - violin Sára Ferenc - gardony, vocal Kamaraerdei Jazzfest Budapest, 1990

0 (0)
Documentary / Music / Dance HARTYÁNDI Jenő (Jugoszlávia / Hungary)
Grencsó István - reeds Josef Nadj - dance (FRA/YUG) Bicskei Zoltán - drawing (YUG) and Dresch Mihály - reeds

0 (0)
Documentary CS. NAGY Sándor (Hungary)
99 percent of the inhabitants of Parajd are Hungarian; there's a little more of reformed than catholic. They live off their lands (although they are not of high quality) and timbering. Some of them work in the local mine. The village is famous for its own brass band since 1898, and the medicinal salt mine. It's also known for its sinucides. Parajd has had the highest number of ...
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Director: Lengyel Sándor

91 min. 1994 BetacamSP, Colour, szöveg nélkül



Operatőr: LENGYEL Sándor

Vágó: Hartyándi Jenő

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