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Batarita Társulat: ÉVSZAKOK - TAVASZ - MEDIAWAVE 2010 - János webTV
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Batarita Company: SPRING - MEDIAWAVE 2010 - János webTV
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contemporary dance theatre


Tóth János

This time we won’t present our films but the ones from JÁNOS webTV. János TÓTH from Szentgothárd is a very special person of the cultural life of Hungary. Wherever he turns up, he films each single moment without rest. Not only organized programs, but spontaneous actions as well.


János webTV
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5 (11)
Documentary LÁSZLÓ Gábor (Hungary)

5 (1)
Documentary / Music Silló Sándor (France / Poland / Hungary / Russia / Serbia)
Leader: Miqueu Montanaro (FRA) Participants: Dikanda Band (POL) Paniks Band (SRB) Écsi Gyöngyi (SLK) - ének Bognár Szilvia (HUN) - ének Szania Iszmagilova (baskir/RUS) - ének Majoros Gyula (HUN) - duda Montanaro is keen on the genre of workshop. He has been experimenting with different musicians for several years on Mediawave. We believe that he has a talented band this time, too...

5 (10)
Documentary / Music Bérczes László & Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)

5 (1)
Documentary / Music SILLÓ Sándor (Hungary)
JAMES BLOOD ULMER BLUES EXPERIENCE & KEMA JAMAL (USA) Old synagogue, Győr, Hungary 30 April, 2001 James “Blood” Ulmer crashed into public consciousness more than a quarter-century ago as a protégé of avant garde jazz master Ornette Coleman, juicing up Coleman’s funky, “harmolodic” pretzel logic with torrid electric guitar. The new millennium fo...

5 (1)
Experimental BUZÁS Mihály & SZEREDI Csaba (Hungary)
1 minute idiocy committed and inspired by the unlimited enthusiasm towards the S8 technique.

4 (1)
Documentary / Experimental / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)

3 (2)
LAMM 1999
Short Fiction CS. NAGY Sándor & PÓLIK József (Hungary)
Have I committed a crime? Lamm cannot answer this question. But it may not count anymore. There was a misunderstanding and now he can leave the town. It is not the chandelier or the way the executioner looked in the pub that he has in mind, but the woman who slapped him on the last night, the woman who is now lying before the wall, motionless, like a pebble. Is this his punishm...

3 (4)
Experimental NAGY Péter (Hungary)

0 (0)
Short Fiction / Experimental Csóka Miklós & Németh Gergő (Hungary)

0 (0)
Documentary Bana József (Hungary)
Performer: Dr. NAGY-L. ISTVÁN The Town Archive of Győr has organised scientific conference with the collaboration of other countries’ famous institutes for 12 times within the frames of Mediawave. The conference’s theme is the 200th anniversary of Battle in Győr, happened in 1809 in the time of Napoleonic wars with attendance of famous national and international lecturers.
Film adatok

Rendező: Tóth János

30 min. 2010, Colour, szöveg nélkül

Forgalmazó: János webTV


Operatőr: Tóth János (János webTV)

Vágó: Hartyándi Jenő

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