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In the 1995 Hungarian cultural organizations that were considered “alternative” created the “RAVAZD ROUNDTABLE” – Ravazd was where they had their first meetings. The “RAVAZD ROUNDTABLE” acted as a group representing the interests of alternative cultural organizations for years. Upon Bakács Tibor Settenkedő’s suggestion the organization – following the Russian example – introduced the concept of “parallel culture.” Many among the founding organizations have a high standing nationally and internationally because they represent something markedly unique and different from the officially accepted trends and those dictated by the entertainment industry.

In 2001 the MEDIAWAVE Foundation initiated that along the lines of the intellectual endeavors of the “RAVAZD ROUNDTABLE” an award should be created and given to those artists who could be impulsive, strong and even difficult personalities, other times they are humble, quiet people who are almost imperceptible. What unites them is that they have not been broken or dragged down to mediocrity by political pressure or the pressure of their environment.





Hungarian Award Winners:
NYAKÓ Júlia – színész
SEBŐ Ferenc – népzenész, kutató SZABADOS György – zeneszerző, muzsikus
TARR Béla – filmrendező, forgatókönyvíró

Foreign Award Winners:
Phil MULLOY – film director (animation)
Jamaaladeen TACUMA – bass


The name of the award became “PARALLEL CULTURE”:


Big Lucky Carter – blues musician (USA) /1920-2003/
EÖTVÖS Gábor – cirque artist /1921-2001/
JANCSÓ Miklós - film director
GÖNCZ Áprád – writer
Dr.TIMAFFY László – ethnology /1916-2002/
TOLNAI Ottó – poet (YUG)


BARSI Ernő - ethnology
DRESCH Mihály – jazz musician
KEREKES Gábor - photographer
KOTNYEK István – experimental film maker, photographer, fine arts
KUNKOVÁCS László – ethno photographer
Pharoah SANDERS – jazz musician (USA)
SZIRTES András – film director
SZŐKE András – actor, film director
ZERKULA János – folk musician (ROM)


Fred ANDERSON – jazz musician (USA)
Éva BESNYŐ – photographer (HOL)
BÍRÓ Yvette – film aesthete (USA)
LADIK Katalin – poet, performancer (YUG/HUN)
MONORI Lili – actress (HUN)
Alanis OBOMSAWIN – native singer, film director (CND)


GRENCSÓ István – jazz musicians (HUN)
KÁSA Béla – photographer (HUN)
Maia MORGENSTERN – actress (ROM)
William PARKER – jazz musicians (USA)
SÁRA Sándor – cinematographer, film director, photographer (HUN)
SZABÓ György – organiser (TRAFÓ) (HUN)
VÁRAI László – musicians, teacher (HUN)


KEREKES Péter – film director (SLK)
KIRÁLY Ernő – composer (SCG)
LAJKÓ Félix – musician (SCG)
MARTON László Távolodó – writer, organiser (HUN)
SÁRA Ferenc – folkdancer, coreographer (HUN/ROM)
Special award:
TÓTH Erzsébet – MEDIAWAVE organiser (HUN)

Hamid DRAKE – jazz musician (USA)
Radu IGAZSÁG – animated and experimental film director, photographer (ROM)
HALÁSZ Péter – actor, director /1944-2006/
GYŐRGYFALVAI Katalin – folkdancer, coreographer, teacher (HUN)
SZEMZŐ Tibor – composer, musician, film director (HUN)
Special award:
SÁTOR László – international chef (HUN)


Hungarian Award Winners:
CSEH Tamás – musician /1943-2009/
GAÁL István – film director /1933-2007/
feLUGOSSY Laca - painter, performer

Foreign Award Winners:

Han BENNINK (HOL) – drumer
Misha MENGELBERG (HOL) – pianist

Hungarian Award Winners:
JELES András - film director (HUN)
KOVÁCS Ferenc - trumpet, violin (HUN)
NAGY József (Josef NADJ)- actor, director, choreographer (FRA/SERB)

Foreign Award Winners:
Mike HOOLBOOM - film director (CAN)
Jirí MENZEL - film director (CZE)
David MURRAY - saxophone (USA)

Silló Sándor

film-television-theatrical director, dramatic adviser

Born: in Budapest, 26/08/1962

Since 2000 he lives partly in Győr
He is the director of many documentary films and opera films
He makes television concert shootings (MEDIAWAVE)

Available here in detail!

He is the member of the pre-panel of judges in MEDIAWAVE Festival

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Film adatok

Director: Silló Sándor

40 min. 2009 DV, Colour, szöveges, Hungarian / English



Operatőr: Farkas Levente, Lengyel Sándor, Nemes Tibor, Tóth László

Zeneszerző: Hang, Sound by. Tóth Péter

Vágó: Hartyándi Jenő (adás), Silló Sándor (élő képvágó)

Narrátor: Munkatársak, Co-worker: Csete Orsolya, Pusker Péter

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