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Hungary / Romania
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Supported by:

Norway Grants

Murányi-Matza Teréz

young filmmaker, animator



03/04/1989, Oradea, Romania



Partiumi University



Önarckép, Croissant with Victor Antoescu, The rape of Europe,

Várad múltja jelene és jövője, Gomburica, A hölggyé vált kardmajszter esete, Be Tolerant, The Virgin Suicides, A Kisherceg, Piroska és a farkas, A Kishableány, Arculati kézikönyv



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0 (0)
Short Fiction Sarkadi Ildikó (Hungary)
Supported by: Norway Grands

5 (1)
Documentary CSÁKI László & PÁLFI Szabolcs (Hungary)
At the end of the 1960s exploratory drillings were made in Egerszalók, Hungary, in search of crude oil. To everyone's surprise thermal water of excellent quality gushed up from one of the wells instead of oil, but it was immediately stopped. Later, someone passing by, turned the tap on, and thus water began to flow freely. Then the people living in the area discovered it and st...

5 (1)
Animation GAÁL Fruzsina (Hungary)
The aim of my film is to describe the relationships between men and women with irony and humour in three minutues. The story is simple: a man and a woman are sitting in a boat. The place can’t be defined as the horisont can’t be seen and the sky blends with the blue water. The man is fishing while they are talking, quarreling, arguing and they are jelous of each other...

4.8 (16)
Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)
Grencsó István – vocal, guitar, Szilárd Zoltán – Hammond organ, G. Szabó Hunor – e.bass, Hock Ernő – drums www.grencso.hu post-new-urban beat – the Hungarian Bob Dylan returns! Those who know István Grencsó, the unique, attempting figure of Hungarian jazz, will be surprised now on this concert. Grencsó has not played beat, unless its progressive version, since he was 20...

4.5 (4)
Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary / Turkey)
At the beginning of 2006 thirteen Hungarians – musicians, folk-dancers, filmmakers, photographers and coordinators – started their journey to Turkey, and after two weeks they came back with their packages full of experiences about modern Turkish music and films, and the everyday life of tiny Kurdish villages. The film is a mixture of a chain of our memories and docu...

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ABC 2010
Short Fiction Papp Róbert (Hungary)
Supported by: Norway Grants

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Short Fiction Góga Dalma (Hungary)

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Documentary Zomborácz Virág (Hungary)
MEDIAWAVE 2008 International Film and Music Festival 26 April - 3 May, 2008 Győr, Hungary

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Short Fiction HORVÁTH Mária (Hungary)
Are there any stories behind pictures or could their figures have their own life? Yes, it could happen… Taking as the first base Picasso’s picture of “The little child with a dove”, linked together with some other pictures, put on stage by a puppet theatre, exposed on film frame by frame, fondled with so many people’s love, told without words and p...
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