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Tóth Bettina
PASSPORT CONTROL Nemzetközi Film Műhely
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4.5 (4)
Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary / Turkey)
At the beginning of 2006 thirteen Hungarians – musicians, folk-dancers, filmmakers, photographers and coordinators – started their journey to Turkey, and after two weeks they came back with their packages full of experiences about modern Turkish music and films, and the everyday life of tiny Kurdish villages. The film is a mixture of a chain of our memories and docu...

0 (0)
Experimental CSÁKI László (Hungary)

3 (2)
Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)
Szőke Barna - guitar Hock Ernő - e.bass, vocal Premecz Mátyás - hammond organ, vocal G. Szabó Hunor - drums, voice Hungarian beat and american r&b from the 60's, rhytm based easy and hard afrobeat from the 70's - this is the essence of the Qualitons. The mentioned styles connect each other throught the funk and taste of the disc jockeys. They revival the relics of the beat ...

0 (0)
Documentary Sarkadi Ildikó (Hungary / Spain)
Supported by: Norway Grants

0 (0)
Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)
Dresch Mihály - sax, flute, dulcimer Kovács Ferenc - violin, trumpet Benkő Róbert - bass Geröly Tamás - drums

0 (0)
Feature Dušan MILIĆ (Germany / Serbia / Bulgaria / Austria)
An ambitious young trumpeter, Romeo, falls in love with a freckled maiden, Juliana, whose father also happens to be a trumpeter. The father does not approve of this love match, unimpressed with Romeo’s “black” face. The young suitor must stay away unless – on one condition – he can beat the father at the Gucha Trumpet Festival. Marko Markovic, in h...

5 (3)
Animation / Experimental HERDICS Ágnes (SLK) (Hungary / Slovakia)
Photoanimation from the work of architect section in the apple garden (MEDIAWAVE International Summer Art Camp). Animation, architect students of the Széchenyi University building the MEDIAWAVE pocket-movie theater in the summer camp at Ravazd. PASSPORT CONTROL 7 Internationa Summer Art Camp 18-26 July, 2008. Ravazd, Hungary film - photo - music - architect The aim of the ̶...

4.8 (16)
Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)
Grencsó István – vocal, guitar, Szilárd Zoltán – Hammond organ, G. Szabó Hunor – e.bass, Hock Ernő – drums www.grencso.hu post-new-urban beat – the Hungarian Bob Dylan returns! Those who know István Grencsó, the unique, attempting figure of Hungarian jazz, will be surprised now on this concert. Grencsó has not played beat, unless its progressive version, since he was 20...

4.7 (3)
Documentary HADARICS Gábor & HARTYÁNDI Jenő (Hungary)
ONLY HUNGARIAN - Miska (Mihály Tatai) has counted as a cult figure of Győr from the end of the 70's. He worked as the assistant of a private barber in a worn-out shop at the edge of the city center but after a while the old barber was cutting the hair of his retired friends and Miska had to serve 20-40 young people. It was not because he was such a good barber but he was said t...

2.7 (3)
Documentary HARTYÁNDI Jenő (Hungary)
An attempt to establish a community in Kisörspuszta (a village close to the Balaton) started at the end of he 70's. There were problems, people around, music, happening, local olympics. Is it a community? Is it legend?
Film adatok

Director: Tóth Bettina

2010, Black & White, szöveg nélkül



Operatőr: Vona Tibor

Vágó: Bősze Vivien

Szereplők: Silló Máté, Bősze Vivien, , Gyártásvezető: Zsigmond Orsolya, Rendezőasszisztens: Ripka Eszter, Köszönet, Special thanks:, Balogh János, Czibik Márta, Dömötör Bence, Forgács Marietta, Hartyándi Jenő, Kádár Sándor, Vizi Mária,

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