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Hartyándi Jenő
Hartyándi Jenő
MEDIAWAVE Alapítvány
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5 (4)
Documentary / Music Silló Sándor (Hungary)
Deák Gábor - guitar, mouth guitar, Kovács Gábor - drums, Varga József - voice, guitar, Nyúl Balázs - e.bass

5 (1)
Feature NAGY Kata (Hungary)
This is a story of an appartment, two people and a third, a balcony and a few penguins, desires and memories, words and silence, possibilities and defeat: a simple story about a few hours during which - just as usual - nothing really happens

4.9 (10)
Documentary / Music Silló Sándor (France / Poland / Hungary / Germany / USA)
TÓTH VIKTOR TERCETT (HUN/USA) Tóth Viktor – sax, Kovács Ferenc - trumpet, violin, Szandai Mátyás – bass, Hamid Drake – drums Hamid Drake is concidered as one of the greatest jazz drummers of the world. The trio was born during the works of the MEDIAWAVE INTERNATIONAL IMPROVISED MUSIC WORKSHOP (2004-2006). The workshop was led by William Parker, and provided it...

4.9 (7)
Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)
ZoZo / Zoltan Csernak - piano, keyboard instruments, Kores / Kornel D. Szabo - doublebass/bass, vocal Ádám / Adam Sinkovics - sax, distortion, Csabi / Csaba Czimerman - drum, percussion, Dalma / Dalma Berger - vocal Rómer ház / house Győr, Hungary 20 December, 2008 "You can hear effects and elements of break’n bossa, acid jazz, swing, trip-hop and folk from us, packed into an unfizzy conception...

3.7 (3)
Documentary Rafal SKALSKI (Poland)
Alla wants to become a ballet dancer very much. It is her another attempt to be admitted to the famous Russian Waganowa Ballet Academy in Sankt Petersburg. Entrance exams are extremely difficult for her. Alla needs to practice additionally to lengthen her legs since her proportions are not correct. 52% is an ideal ratio of legs to height. The film was made during the second edition of the project Russia – Poland...

0 (0)
Documentary / Music Silló Sándor (United Kingdom / Japan / USA)
JAMAALADEEN TACUMA - e. bass TONY KOFI - sax YOICHI UZEKI - keys, percussion TIM HUTSON - drums Few musicians leave their audiences with a feeling that they have trulywitnessed something amazing. Artist/Producer/Performer/Arranger/ Innovator AND Bassist - JAMAALADEEN TACUMA does just that. This native Philadelphian has always stretched the old mold of what and how a bassist is supposed to play...

0 (0)
Short Fiction HARTYÁNDI Jenő (Hungary)
Classical loove triangle. Two boys and a girl. Separation, alienation, generational suffering. This film was made by copying experts from one VHS tape to the other. This was a temporary period for the amateur artists who had become independent film makers in the meantime. The Super 8 mm film technique was difficult to be provided by raw material and the popular video technique ...

5 (3)
Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)
Bak Zoltán - guitar ??? - fuvola Barabás Tamás - e.bass

Film adatok

Director: Hartyándi Jenő

50 min. 2009, Colour, szöveges, hungarian

Operatőr: Hartyándi Jenő

Vágó: Hartyándi Jenő

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