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Czech Republic / Hungary / Slovakia / USA
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Rene Trossman - guitar, voice, Rene Lacko - guitar, voice

Silló Sándor
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5 (2)
Short Fiction Marina Govorova (Hungary / Russia)
???? KINOCHERDAK & PASSPORT CONTROL 8. International Photo and Film Műhely Novosibirsk & Altai, Russia 1 - 11 September, 2008 The aim of the „PASSPORT CONTROL” project is to help the artistic activity and cooperation of the young people from Europe and the different regions of Asia in international context. The workshop chose film, photo and art critics to be the means of transmission through cultures...

5 (1)
Animation VÉGSŐ Ágota (Hungary)
A dead skeleton revive because of the music, he starts to dance and multiply, at the end the energy what he get from the music blows his head up.

5 (1)
Short Fiction Harri J. RANTALA (Finland)
Daughters of Snow tells the story of two sisters, Anniina and Emilia who are enjoying a Scandinavian winter day. As the girls play with an ice sled their shared crush, attraction to the same man, Olavi opens the door for jealousy to reign and the happy, playful winter day turns into a tragedy as Anniina who feels betrayed takes over to control the speed of the sled. She starts ...

5 (1)
Short Fiction CSÁKI László (Hungary)
So my caring mother would rub the Fluxus Hair Tainer into my scalp, comb my disobedient locks, and then send me off to school looking like that ass-wipe kind on the bottle. I was an independent kid by gum, and this hair meant that I belonged, that my parents knew what was fucking what. This film is an adaptation of Paul Auster story: "Timbuktu".

5 (1)
Documentary Oktay ALTUNNAR (Turkey)
Fishermen, they live in Mudanya in Bursa. They were losing their mainstay for sea pollution and unconscious hunting. Therefore they are migrating to land life and they working new job. This situation make new problems in their life. Somebody continue fishing but somebody leaving fishing and start new job.Future is a unclear as like fog for them. This documentary explain to that...

5 (1)
Documentary Denis D. LÜTHI & Nuria Gómez GARRIDO (Germany)
Every two weeks the clowns visit the old people's home. A tragically and amusing interaction is beginning ...

4.8 (12)
Short Fiction Aleksandr Solovjev & Natalya Solovjeva (Hungary / Russia)
People answer on quation wich before they dont know. It was first experience under work in documentary area for everyone from this group of young people. And director try show maximal differents between eatch characters of everyone project participants. this show answer on quations wich on first views looks like easy quations. Aleksandr drowwing on participants faces some start...

0 (0)
Documentary Cordula KABLITZ-POST (Germany)
Genre: Creative Documentary about multimedia-artist Christoph Schlingensief In January 2007, 10 years after the legendary German talk show satire Talk 2000, performance artist Christoph Schlingensief starts the art-project Die Piloten& at the Academy of Fine Arts Berlin. His aim is to examine how artists, pop-musicians, filmmakers and politicians turn to media figures - a survey on society...

0 (0)
Experimental Matt HULSE (United Kingdom, Scotland)
A dynamic response to Glasgow’s mind-altering underground music festival ‘INSTAL’ from one of Super 8mm’s most dedicated exponents. Hulse’s inimitable style brings painterly abstraction into collision with sensitively observed performance and an intuitive grasp of sound, pace and rhythm. Featured artists include: Keiji Haino, Tony Conrad, Sachiko, ...

0 (0)
Documentary DOMOKOS János (Hungary)
A simple story. The widow who lives alone goes to market week by week to supplement her meager pension and to ease her loneliness.
Film adatok

Director: Silló Sándor

43 min. 2009 DV, Colour, szöveg nélkül



Operatőr: Farkas Levente, Lengyel Sándor, Nemes Tibor, Tóth László

Zeneszerző: Hang, Sound by. Tóth Péter

Vágó: Hartyándi Jenő (adás), Silló Sándor (élő képvágó)

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