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Untitled Stories
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Portugal / Norway
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Untitled Stories is a video based on everyday stories that are put together in a broken monologue told by a female voice. This monologue is associated with freely interrelated mental images of enigmatic interiors of buildings, streets and landscapes. In this way, the video explores worlds of memory as a kind of stream-of-consciousness in which several layers of time are connected by the voice of this female character.


Major screenings:
• January 2008:Les Inattendus - Independent cinema and video festival – Lyon, France
• November 2007:Trunk The Nordic Art Video Festival - Cinema Regina - Östersund/Sweden
• Oktober 2007:FIFF - Femmina International Film Festival - Verdal/Norway
• September 2007:The 3rd International Short Film Festival - Detmold/Germany
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Margarida PAIVA

Margarida Paiva, born in 17.05.1975 in Coimbra, Portugal, is a young artist living and working in Oslo. She received her 5-year degree in plastic arts and sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Porto in 2000. During her studies she has been one-year guest student with a Erasmus grant at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts in Norway where she started to work with video and photo. In 2007, she finished her Master of Fine Arts the Oslo Academy of Fine Arts.

Paiva has been participating regularly in international video and film festivals since 2000. Her video works are based on fragmented stories that explore inner states of mind resembling dreams and memories. Melancholy, loneliness and fear are subjects that always remain in these works and are expressed through poetic imagery.

Invisible Cities, 11’, 2007
Untitled Stories, 11’ 15’’, 2007
The Days by Night, 10’, 2006
Nightfall, 5’, 2006
Habit, 5’56’’, 2005
House of Stairs, 2’35’’, 2004
No Subject, 3’40’’, 2002

Margarida PAIVA
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Film adatok

Director: Margarida PAIVA

11 min. 2007 DV, Colour, szöveges, English

Screenplay: Margarida Paiva

Operatőr: Margarida paiva

Zeneszerző: Stig Indal

Vágó: Margarida Paiva

Narrátor: Merete Nordahl

Szereplők: Merete Nordahl


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