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Faccia d'Angelo
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A man in a room. While observing his body, he sees his whole life… maybe even his madness. He is Angelo, an old, forgotten boxer. His memories, his hopes, his fantasies, his freedom prepare him for his last fight.
The disturbing and crucial moment when Angelo lets go…

Major screenings:
2007 Tehran Short Film Festival (IRAN)
2007 Villeurbanne Short Film Festival (FRANCE)

Birth date: February 14th, 1979

- Filmography -


2007 “FACCIA D’ANGELO” short film (fiction), produced by LES FILMS DU POISSON

“CANTIQUE” short film (fiction) being developped with LES FILMS DU POISSON



April-August 2006 "EN MARGE DES JOURS" directed by Emmanuel FINKIEL
1st assistant - Shooting in Paris 13 PRODUCTIONS

August-October 2005 "LES AMITIES MALEFIQUES" directed by Emmanuel BOURDIEU
1st assistant – Shooting in Paris 4 A 4 PRODUCTIONS

March-July 2005 "LE CRI" TV film directed by Hervé BASLE
2nd assistant – Shooting in Belgium, Lorraine, Brittany and the Region of Paris AZZALE PRODUCTIONS

July-October 2004 "CACHE CACHE" directed by Yves CAUMON
1st assistant – Shooting the Region Centre and the Lot SUNDAY MORNING

April- June 2004 "UN PETIT JEU SANS CONSEQUENCE" directed by Bernard RAPP
2nd Assistant – Shooting in the Region of Paris ARENA FILMS

January- April 2004 "LE PONT DES ARTS" directed by Eugène GREEN
1st assistant – Shooting in Paris MACT PRODUCTIONS

August-October 2004 "LE SILENCE" directed by Orso MIRET
1st Assistant – Shooting in the Region Corse SUNDAY MORNING

October-November 2002 "DEPUIS QU\'OTAR EST PARTI…" directed by Julie BERTUCELLI

2nd assistant – Shooting in Paris and its Region LES FILMS DU POISSON

August-Sept. 2002 "LA CHOSE PUBLIQUE" directed by Mathieu Amalric
1st Assistant – Shooting in Paris et its Region LES FILMS DU POISSON

August 2000-April 2001 "LE STADE DE WIMBLEDON" directed by Mathieu Amalric
1st Assistant. 6-week shooting, throughout 8 mois in Trieste, London, in Brittany.GEMINI FILMS

October 2000 "LE BAISER MORTEL DU DRAGON" directed by Chris Nahon
Trainee in the production management – Shooting in Paris and its Region EUROPA- LEELO PRODUCTIONS

December 1999 January 2000 "LA COMEDIE DE L'INNOCENCE" directed by Raoul Ruiz
Trainee in the direction, and responsible for the children – Shooting in Paris and its Region MACT PRODUCTIONS


March 2006 “TALENTS CANNES 2006” series of 8 short films directed by Sam Karmann, Sophie Fillières, Jean-Paul Civeyrac and Alain Beigel
1st assistant - Shooting in Paris LES FILMS DU POISSON

October 2005 "LES SIGNES" mini-film directed by Eugène Green
1st assistant – Shooting in Saint-Jean de Luz NO FILMS

January 2004 "14 EUROS 58" short film directed by par Mathieu Amalric with the « enfants du Secours Populaire » (French charity for children). Shooting in Clermont Ferrand JULIANTO FILMS

February 2003 "LA DANSE ETERNELLE" short film directed by Hiam Abbass
1st Assistant – Shooting in Nantes LES FILMS DE LA GRANDE OURSE

June-July 2002 "SALOME !" short film directed by Lucia Sanchez
1st Assistant – Shooting in Vendée LOCAL FILMS

May 2002 " ROUE LIBRE" interactive short film of the series "Sens Dessus Dessous" directed by Muriel and Delphine Coulin
1st Assistant – Shooting in Paris and Le Havre LES FILMS DU PETIT POISSON

April 2002 "L'ODEUR DU MELON DANS LA POUBELLE" short film directed by J.Donada
1st Assistant – Pre-production in Paris LOCAL FILMS

March 2002 "GERMAIN" short film directed by Muriel and Delphine Coulin.
1st Assistant – Shooting in Loir-et-Cher AGORA FILMS- MAIA FILMS- ADAMI

June-July 2001 "POISSON D'AVRIL" short film directed by Elsa Dourdet
1st assistant - Shooting in Limousin and Auvergne LES FILMS DU PETIT POISSON

May 2001 "LA, CE JOUR" short film directed by Thomas Salvador
1st Assistant – Shooting in Paris LOCAL FILMS


April 2003 "CHER HENRI" documentary directed by Julien Cunillera
1st Assistant – Shooting in Paris and Barcelona (Spain) LES FILMS DU POISSON

• CO-DIRECTION (Promotional films)

December 2004 Co-direction (video) of a film for the company Mory

April 2003 Co-direction (video) of a promotional film for Intercoiffure International

April 2000 Co-direction (video) and editing of two promotional films for two social centres for disabled in the French Region Vendée.


February 2005 "NULLE PART TERRE PROMISE" directed by Emmanuel FINKIEL


May 2003 Cannes International Film Festival – French and International Press
Attachée de presse- assistant of Laurence Granec and Karine Ménard

1997-2002 Press Attaché - Assistant of Denise Breton and Isabelle Duvoisin

May 2002 Cannes International Festival - French and International Press

September 2001 Venice Festival - French and International Press

September 2001 Venice Festival - French and International Press

NB : if not specified the shooting locations are in France

Nathalie VALLET
Les Films du Poisson
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Documentary / Experimental Gabriel MASCARO (Brazil)
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Documentary FAZEKAS Gergely (Hungary / Turkey)
Short documentary presenting the performance and other moments of the East-Turkish band Sarikamis at MEDIAWAVE Festival’s 1. May at the Monostori Erőd (Fort Monostor) in Komárom. The band plays authentic Kurdish folk music and the members live in the town of Sarikamis, in the Eastern part of Turkey mostly inhabited by Kurdish people.

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145 kHz 2008
Experimental Ian BELL (United Kingdom)
Still image, moving sound. A hypnotic, meditative signal is transmitted continuously on 145 kHz long wave. A still image lasting 1 second for each kHz of carrier wave frequency, of the interior of a radio, illuminated only by the glow of the valves, is accompanied by the moving sound of the demodulated signal!

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Documentary / Experimental BORSA Judit, HEVESI Mirtill, MAKAI Melinda, PASZI, SÓS István, TÓTH Péter (Hungary)
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Film adatok

Category: MEDIAWAVE Festival / Gathering / MEDIAWAVE 2008

Genre: Short Fiction

Nationalities: France

Year: 2008

Premiere: Hungarian premier

Film adatok

Director: Elsa AMIEL

17 min. 2007 35mm, Black & White, szöveg nélkül

Production: Laëtitia Gonzalez

Screenplay: Elsa Amiel

Operatőr: Thomas Bataille

Vágó: Sylvie Lager

Szereplők: Jean-Pierre Amiel, Patrick Millet

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