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Lukács István - violin, Simon Zsolt "Gizi" - gardon


Sára Csobán


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Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)
Bak Zoltán - guitar ??? - fuvola Barabás Tamás - e.bass

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Short Fiction SZEKERES Csaba (Hungary)
A terrorist group, led by a Chechen man, Sagar, occupies a school. The members of the group are not quite aware of the real political aim of the action, they follow personal emotions and passions. The first turning point of the story is, when two little girls escape and Sagar goes after them. He punishes in a strange way: he hands over his weapon to his victim, and waits: is th...

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Short Fiction KIRÁLY Tamás (Hungary / Romania)
PASSPORT CONTROL 2. International Art Workshop 26 April – 6 May, Győr, Hungary within the MEDIAWAVE’2007 Festival film – photo – art critic The aim of the „PASSPORT CONTROL” project is to help the artistic activity and cooperation of the young people from Europe and the different regions of Asia in international context. The workshop chose fi...

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Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)
RACKAJAM (Budapest) Ferenczi György – violin, vocal, harpnes, Apáti Ádám - piano, Pintér Zsolt – mandolin, vocal, Kormos Levente – guitar, vocal, Jankó Miklós - cayon, vocal & Kovács Zoltán - piano COLOMBRE BAND (Győr) Csordás Veronika - vocal, Váray László – vocal, guitar, Deák Gábor – guitar, Kovács Gábor – cayon

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Documentary PÓCS Judit & RITTGASSER István (Hungary)
By genre this film forms a transition between a portrait-like documentary and an educational film. It showcases the phases of felt production, from sheep trimming through wool processing to the various felt techniques. In what it is revolutionary and a novelty is that it elevates felt into the heights of today’s modern artistic branches. Its goal is to provide knowledge o...

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Documentary Rafal SKALSKI (Poland)
Alla wants to become a ballet dancer very much. It is her another attempt to be admitted to the famous Russian Waganowa Ballet Academy in Sankt Petersburg. Entrance exams are extremely difficult for her. Alla needs to practice additionally to lengthen her legs since her proportions are not correct. 52% is an ideal ratio of legs to height. The film was made during the second edition of the project Russia – Poland...

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Documentary / Music / Dance Tóth János (Hungary)
Dancers: Nagypál Anett Gaschler Beáta Kádár Ignác Kovács Norbert Music by: Zagyva Band Boda Gellért - violin Boda Márton - bass Szabó András - viola Mucsinyi Dániel - reeds Tóth Sebestyén - dulcimer Dulai Zoltán - violin Voice: Hetényi Milán Poems, prose: Kovács Norbert Light: Tóth Bálint Sound: Németh Krisztián

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Documentary / Music Silló Sándor (United Kingdom / Japan / USA)
JAMAALADEEN TACUMA - e. bass TONY KOFI - sax YOICHI UZEKI - keys, percussion TIM HUTSON - drums Few musicians leave their audiences with a feeling that they have trulywitnessed something amazing. Artist/Producer/Performer/Arranger/ Innovator AND Bassist - JAMAALADEEN TACUMA does just that. This native Philadelphian has always stretched the old mold of what and how a bassist is supposed to play...

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Documentary / Music Silló Sándor (Izrael / Germany / USA)
Lee Konitz - alto saxophone, Florian Weber - piano, Jeff Denson - bass, Ziv Ravitz - drums Saxophonist Lee Konitz possesses a somewhat austere take on jazz improvisation and who has spent well over half a century finding new ways to express his unique viewpoint. Deep Lee finds him in a quartet with three musicians working together under the name Minsarah. Featuring German piani...
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Director: Sára Csobán

4 min. 2009 DV, Colour, szöveg nélkül


Operatőr: Sára Csobán

Vágó: Sára Csobán


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