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"Súlyos zene könnyedén" - MEDIAWAVE Underground Zenei Műhely zárókoncert
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MEDIAWAVE Underground Music Workshop closing concert
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Leader: Kalocsai Tamás - drums

Members: Drapán László - sax, clarinet, flute, synt, Takács Gergő - guitar, Hegedűs Csaba - guitar, Hegedűs László - e.bass 

Hartyándi Jenő & Szalai Zsolt "Zsömi"

19 January, 1986 Győr, Hungary

I was born in Győr, I lived there a while, but now I spend my days in Szigetköz. I'm studying communication-history in the ELTE University, Pest. I'm working for a local internet television, and I'm still trying to learn more about editing, directing and making short films better than now.










organizer, independent movie maker
(Born in: Győr, 13/03/1956)
He is concerned with shooting films since the end of the 1970’s
/detailed professional resume available here /
Since 1986 member of the Amateur Film Studio Győr
Since 1989 founder of the Visual Cenrte Győr
Since 1991 director of the MEDIAWAVE festival
Since 1999 head of art in Rómer Ház
Initative, researcher, editor and communicater of the Film Archives of Győr

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Director: Hartyándi Jenő, Szalai Zsolt "Zsömi"

11 min. 2008 DVD, Colour, szöveges, Hungarian



Operatőr: Hartyándi Jenő

Zeneszerző: Hang, Sound by. Jörg Tibor

Vágó: Szalai Zsolt "Zsömi"

Narrátor: Munkatársak, Co-worker: Csete Orsolya, Pusker Péter, Tóth Emese

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