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From the everyday bustle of an urban market, the camera pans inside. There, a man is dancing the same dance over and over, against a varying digitalised background. The dance, a repetition of the same steps, is shot in one flowing take. The music and the more and more laboured breathing indicate that the dancer tries to free himself from the burden on his shoulders.

Hans Beenhakker (b.1964) graduated from the Rotterdamse Dansacademie in 1988 at which time, he became a company dancer for Krisztina de Châtel. Here, guest choreographer Jennifer Muller inspired him to explore his more theatrical stage talent. He left the company to dance with among others Conny Janssen, but soon found his true place at Pina Bausch Tanztheater Wuppertal (1992-1996). There, the combination of dance and theatre fit him perfectly -- resulting in starring roles in the Bausch repertoire. After this, the most influential period of his dance career, he danced freelance in projects, including choreographers Amanda Miller and Susan Marshall (with composer Phillip Glass). His curiosity to express his dance language away from the stage resulted in an extensive film study at the New York Film Academy. This newly found passion for film enabled him to create his own work in a fresh environment yet still rooted in theatrics and dance. His work as cameraman and editor at the production company Wave in Amsterdam (2001) gave him the needed field practice, resulting in the 1st prize award at the 30th annual Dance on Camera festival NYC 2002, for his short film 'Wiped'. This welcoming introduction to the world of film festivals originated the wish to develop an annual dance film festival in Amsterdam. From this, Cinedans was born. Since leaving an established Cinedans in good hands after the third successful festival (2005), he has been creating new film and video productions. Besides working on his own creations he is an international guest lecturer and panelist at festivals and institutes.

Claudia Landsberger
Holland Film
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Director: Hans BEENHAKKER

9 min. 2007 35mm, Colour, szöveg nélkül


Production: Danshans

Screenplay: Hans Beenhakker

Szereplők: Prince Credell


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