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A Maesro (Dan Reisinger Magyarkanizsán)
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Maestro (Dan Reisinger in Magyarkanizsa)
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Dan Reisinger belongs to one of the leading places on the world list of designers, graphic artists, fine arts creators.
That prolific, diverse, esteemed artist is considered to be the founder of design in Israel. For his friends he is simply Ivan, the artist born in Magyarkanizsa, who emmigrated to Israel in 1949. He visited his birthtown recently. It was a fateful return to the birthplace, where the dedication to art secrets took part long ago. Faced again with the scenes of his childhood and youth, with the bank splashed by the Tisza, the flowery trees in the park, colourful flowers. The existence came apart, everything was blazing in its pulsating centre. Dan Reisinger, otherwise, appeared to be the master of charming meetings. Following the paths of his childhood and youth, we peeped into the parts of the town which were opened only by the movement of his hand.Only when you find your home inside yourself, you are able to create out of it, to meet the world quietly, wherever you cast a glance.

Major screenings:
Zenta, 12.10.2007.
A Maesro (Dan Reisinger Magyarkanizsán)

Born in Zenta in 1970. Completed the comprehensive school in Magyarkanizsa and the high school in Zenta. After completing the secondary education, attended and passed a few film courses in Hungary and Yugoslavia (Szentes, Bogács, Kemence, Magyarkanizsa).
Has been engaged in film since 1992. With documentaries and short feature films competed at many festivals in Hungary and Yugoslavia.
The documentary “Aracs pusztatemplom” (a film about the ruins of Aracs church in Banat), won the first prize at Eger in Hungary in 1998, at the Festival of documentaries and also won the first prize in Bečej.
The documentary “Cigonja”, in the category of Culture, in Lakitelek (Hungary), won the first prize.
The etude “Blossoming of the Tisza” won the special prize of the jury in Lakitelek (Hungary) in 2004 and the special prize of the Duna television in Kazincbarcika (Hungary), in 2005.
The documentary “Opus about plain”, in Veszprém (Hungary), won the first prize, in 2006.
The documentary “The Sunset Mirage”, in Nyíregyháza (Hungary), won the first prize, in 2006.
Since 1996 Attila Iván has been working as a cameraman and the editor with Info television in Magyarkanizsa, and since 2001 as the chief editor Founder and the President of the Civil Organisation “Cinema Film Workshop” since 2002.


1996 Üzenet – SVHS – 16 min (feature film)
1997 Aracs pusztatemplom – SVHS – 10 min (doc. Film)
1998 Juhász – SVHS – 10 min (doc. Film)
1999 Gengszterfilm – SVHS – 20 min (feature film)
2000 Adorjáni ima – SVHS – 16 min (doc. film)
2001 Tojásfestés – DV – 10 min (doc. film)
2002 Majomsziget (Monkey Island) – DV – 50 min (feature film)
2003 Cigonja – DV – 24 min (doc. film)
2003 Tiszaviragas (Blossoming of the Tisza) – DV – 4 min (etude)
2003 Alföldi opus (Opus about plain) – DV – 13 min (doc. film)
2004 Tűzut (Fireroad) – DVCam – 20 min (short feature film)
2005 Szivarvanykigyo (Rainbow Snake) – DVCam – 33 min (doc. film-portrait)
2005 A naplemente fonákja (The Sunset Mirage) - DVCam – 24 min (doc. film)
2006 A szép Tisza és más (The beautiful Tisza and others) – DVCam – 4 min (etude)

Cinema Filmworkshop
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Category: MEDIAWAVE Festival / Gathering / MEDIAWAVE 2008

Genre: Documentary

Nationalities: Serbia

Year: 2008

Premiere: World premier

Film adatok

Director: Iván ATTILA

33 min. 2006 DVD, Colour, szöveges, Hungarian, English felírattal

Distribution: Iván ATTILA


Screenplay: Fejős Csilla

Operatőr: Csubriló Zoltán

Zeneszerző: Arvo Part

Vágó: Csendír Viktor

Narrátor: Fejős Csilla

Szereplők: Dan Reisinger


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