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Cabuwazi Beyond Borders
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Cubawazi a határokon is túl
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In the summer of 2015 thousands of refugees arrive in Berlin. Amongst them are many children. Behind them lie long and, in some cases, difficult journeys. Friends and family are gone, everything is different, everything foreign. For Berlin based child and youth circus Cabuwazi it is immediately clear that something must be done. An independent team named "Cabuwazi Beyond Borders" is established and travels directly to the refugee centres. The children and young people longingly await their circus classes. One young man from Tempelhof is so enthusiastic that he himself wants to become a trainer. The climax of the 3 month long course is the final circus show in a real life circus tent.

Gertrud Schulte WESTENBERG

Gertrud Schulte Westenberg, born in Lower Saxony near the Dutch border, studied educational science in Bielefeld and economics in Berlin. She became involved with filmmaking in 2009 by her acquaintance with a director from Munich and has been working as a producer ever since. She has directed the documentary “Rent Rebels”, shown around the world, with Matthias Coers, as well as being the director of two shorts, “Dragon Circle” and “Cabuwazi Beyond Borders”. She is currently working on a new film about gentrification.

Marie-Amélie STEUL
c/o aug&ohr medien
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Film adatok

Genre: Documentary

Nationalities: Germany

Age group: Általános

Film adatok

Director: Gertrud Schulte WESTENBERG

30 min. 2016, szöveges, Russian, Chechen, Arabic, English, English felírattal


Screenplay: Gertrud Schulte Westenberg

Operatőr: Tom Rotsching

Zeneszerző: fischer

Vágó: Mirja Gerle

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