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Kairos is a poetic dance film set against a Mediterranean background. Film, nature and the body are brought together to produce an interconnected material choreography.
Kairos talks about the loss of the myth of Mermaids while also evoquing the odyssey of the today's migrants, between exil and resistance.
For the Greeks, Kairos signifies the point where everything can happen, that point you can choose to do something or not..

Major screenings:
  • EIFF, edimbourgh film festival, june 2016
Stefano CANAPA & Elisa RIBES

Stefano Canapa (Turin, Italy, 1977) graduated in 2001 in Film History and Aesthetics from DAMS University in Turin. After moving to France, he combined his training with his experience from the research lab L’abominable, and contributed to creating similar kinds of structures (experimental, artisanal, self-managed) in Turin and Montevideo. He is part of the French artist collective Group ZUR (Zone Utopiquement Reconstituée) since 1998. He has been increasingly involved in projects with live components since 2002: installations, performance art, multidisciplinary improvisations, and plays for theatre. He co-direct, with Catherine LIbert two feature documentary film, "Les Champs Brulants" and "Des Provinces Lointaines".

Stefano CANAPA
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Film adatok

Genre: Dance

Nationalities: France

Premiere: Hungarian premier

Age group: Általános

Film adatok

Director: Stefano CANAPA, Elisa RIBES

12 min. 2016, szöveg nélkül

Operatőr: Stefano Canapa

Zeneszerző: Josefina Rodriguez

Szereplők: Elisa Ribes

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