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Goodbye, KIM Hyun-hee
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Kína, Hong Kong
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Though having an affluent family and a considerate girlfriend, Angus does not take things as they are. What he is really interested in is the North Korean agent KIM Hyun-hee who once planted a bomb on the Korean Airline and killed 115 passengers. After going through serious troubles, Angus realizes his wasting of time in the vain pursuit of KIM. Angus starts finding meaning in his relationship with his beloved.

Ho-tat TSIM

Tsim Ho Tat has born in Hong Kong in 1978, He graduated from the University of New South Wales, Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) in 2000.After that, he join the Television Broadcast Limited as a production Assistant for three years. In 2003, He become the student of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and major in directing. He finish his own director work “Station”(2003 DV), a TV studio drama production “Rashamon”(2005 Beta), and his first feature short “Cross Junction”(2005, 16mm). This film was shown in The 31st Hong Kong International film festival and as one of the competition film in shnit short film festival (Switzerland). Moreover, Tsim Ho Tat got The school of Film & TV Dean Prize in 2007. “Goodbye, Kim Hyun Hee” (2007, 16mm) was his graduation short.

Helen KO
The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, School of Film & TV
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Director: Ho-tat TSIM

28 min. 2007 BetacamSP, színes, szöveges, Cantonese, English felírattal

Forgatókönyv: Tsim Ho Tat, Henky Chan

Operatőr: Kent Wong

Vágó: Tong Wai Wing

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