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Unbeschreiblich weiblich
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Undescribably feminine
Bulgaria / Switzerland
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Dimitrina Sevova’s documentary art film “Unbeschreiblich weiblich” is dedicated to the reflection on how women and other characters in the alternative local scene in Sofia, Bulgaria, deal with pop culture. The focus of Sevova’s considerations and reflections is the role of music, a traditionally male coded territory. The positions of several generations are superposed and questioned as to their ideal and stylistic values, and their respective differences and common grounds. How has music changed desires and identities as they were moving from non-Western to gradually more Western? How are (gender) roles distributed stereotypically, and how can alternative practices and music break them up, and create difference and utopias? “Unbeschreiblich weiblich” is based on recent video interviews with activists of the alternative music and art scene shortly after the lifting of the Iron Curtain, as well as from the current scene, and on contemporary documents and videos of the early 1990s, which constitute at the same time a time travel of the artist in her own past.

Major screenings:
Premiere as part of a large-scale installation at the "Lost & Found" show at Shedhalle, Zurich, Switzerland, July 2007.
Screened at Videomedeja festival 2007, Novi Sad, Serbia.
Dimitrina SEVOVA

Born 1971 in Varna, Bulgaria; 1985-1990 National College of Fine Arts and Art History in Sofia, Bulgaria; 1991-1998, student at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia; 1998 Master of Painting.

Artist, freelance curator, theorist, and writer working across old and new media in contemporary art practices and theory. Lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland, since 2002. In 2002, founded with Alain Kessi the critical media art and theory collective code flow (http://www.code-flow.net). She has been instrumental in fostering the practices and debates around digital culture, gender and politics in Bulgaria as media artist and activist in the 1990s and as founder 1996 and curator until 1999 of the TED Gallery in Varna, with more than 50 exhibitions and as many events over the four years of its existence.

Her latest large-scale installation “Unbeschreiblich weiblich” including the screening of her video documentary movie of the same title, pieces from her personal archive and other objects was made for the “Lost and Found” exhibition at Shedhalle, Zurich, 2007. As part of the art collective code flow she did the cooking performance and show “Private National Foods with Multinational Appetites” with accompanying exhibition with objects and photography at the Les Complices gallery, Zurich, 2005, and the Digitaler Dachstock #2 under the title “luncheon on the grass – postproduction by code flow” at Haus für Kunst Uri, Altdorf, Switzerland, 2006, with two specially produced video pieces and three older works. In 1998 the Grand Prix at the 2nd International Triennale of Graphic Arts in Sofia, and consequently was invited to do a solo exhibition at the 3rd Triennale 2001, “Pretty Mouth and Brown My Eyes,” with installations of objects and digital photographs.

As a member of the women artists’ group 8th March, she participated in a number of projects, such as “Exchanging Places,” ATA Center for Contemporary Art, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2001, including a travel grant and research stay in Bucharest, “Bulgaria, N.Y., Bulgarian and American Women Artists Collaborate,” at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Gallery, New York, USA, 2000, including a travel grant and research and production stay in New York, and “Obsession,” at the Central Municipal Baths, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1999.

Among her early solo exhibitions are “Philosophy in the Boudoir,” conceptual drawings after Sade, at the Ata-Ray Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1996, and “Merry-go-round I,” at XXL Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1998. She participated in numerous group exhibitions across the world, among them “ArtEast Collection 2000+23,” Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2006, “Bacterium Bulgaricus Art,” at the Museum of Foreign Art in Riga, Latvia, 1999, and in numerous international projects and exchange programs, among them the video production workshop Crossing Over 3, Art Academy of Novi Sad University, Novi Sad, Serbia, 1998, Virtual Revolutions 2.0 at V2_Organisation in Rotterdam 1998, “The Future State of Balkania” at temp.media.lab at Kiasma in Helsinki 1999 and, as a member of the programming committee, medi@terra 2001 in Lavrion, Greece.

Her curatorial projects include the international group show “Aggression,” co-curated together with Oliver Kielmayer at the Kunsthalle Winterthur, Switzerland, 2007, and in 2005, the discursive thematic project with over 30 participants from all over the world, “Critique of Pure Image – Between Fake and Quotation,” comprising an international exhibition and theoretical symposium, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She co-curated the project and exhibition “Polyphony – Collaborative Practices, Part 2” at Shedhalle, Zurich, 2005.

In 1998, Dimitrina Sevova joined the team of the Art Today Association, Center for Contemporary Art in Plovdiv, Bulgaria as a curator, and initiated and curated the international project Communication Front /project of electronic and media art and theory/ 1999-2001 (http://www.cfront.org), and collaborates with Art Today to establishing the Center of Contemporary Art in the Ancient Bath in Plovdiv.

She has lectured at numerous international events, among them the conference “Never Look Back” at Shedhalle, Zurich, Switzerland, 2001, the conference “Understanding the Balkans” in Skopje, Macedonia, 2001, “Konsequenz East-West” in Shedhalle, Zurich, 2002, and with the code flow research collective at the symposium “Art – Place – Technology,” Liverpool School of Art and Design / FACT, Liverpool, 2006.

She is a frequent contributor to a variety of art periodicals, among them Jungle World, Vector, IDEA, WeAreTheArtists, Umelec, as well as to the Bulgarian lifestyle magazine Intro. In 2002 she edited and published with Alain Kessi the “CFront – Crossing Points East-West” book, available in print and online, a collection of texts developing a critical view on globalization, new technologies and media art in the context of East-West discussions within the art world. In 2004, after a workshop in Shedhalle, Zurich, published a book, available in print and online, with theoretical texts and interviews, “KonsequenZ,” as an author and editor collective with Alain Kessi and Frederikke Hansen, exploring how different people in a critical discursive and political art context struggle to bring their ideals for society and art and their personal everyday behavior to match. Online book “Critique of Pure Image – Between Fake and Quotation”, 2006.

Filmography (selection):
revolution=terror, (VHS, 3D animation, 1'07''; 1996)
sex male sex female (VHS remastered on DVD, 9’17’’; 1997)
merry-go-round (VHS remastered on DVD, 4’53’’;1998)
three short videoportraits (remastered on DVD, 4’01’’; 1999)
luncheon on the grass – postproduction by code flow (DVD, 8’27’’; 2006)
altdorf sightseeing tour – your guide: code flow (DVD, 13’56’’; 2006)
unbeschreiblich weiblich (DVD, 75'; 2007)

Dimitrina SEVOVA
code flow
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