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Vicious circle
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You have committed a serious sin. Even you know what you've done is unforgettable what would be your answer if somebody offered you a solution to forget.

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DEÁK Péter
DEÁK Péter
Sysplex Media
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5 (2)
Short Fiction Antal Attila (Hungary)
The professional crew and their assistants from Győr (MEDIAWAVE Passport Control Film Workshop) worked in harmony from the second day on and the actors and actresses of the National Theatre of Győr were excellent in their roles. After developing the 16mm film prints, the editing and sounding works will start today. Saturday, on the closing night of the Passport Control Workshop...

4.9 (15)
Documentary / Music Silló Sándor (Hungary / USA)
TM Stevens - bass, lead vox, Stevie Salas - guitar, backing vox, Delmar Brown - keys, Garry "G Man" Sullivan - drums, backing vox TM Steven's skill and proficiency globally as a bassist and vocalist is legendary. A luminous figure amongst today's bassists, he has unbelievable energy, stunning stage presence and knows how to win a crowd over within minutes. His ferocious, yet me...

0 (0)
Documentary Bana József (Hungary)
performer: Dr. LENKEFI FERENC The Town Archive of Győr has organised scientific conference with the collaboration of other countries’ famous institutes for 12 times within the frames of Mediawave. The conference’s theme is the 200th anniversary of Battle in Győr, happened in 1809 in the time of Napoleonic wars with attendance of famous national and international lecturers.

0 (0)
Animation Izibene OÑAEDERRA (Spain)
The Basque word hezurbeltzak does not appear in dictionaries. It is a non-existing word used to describe socially invisible groups. Its literal translation would be “black bones”.

5 (2)
Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)
Orsós Ervin - vocal, guitar Bogdán Sándor - kanna, vocal Orsós Tibor - vocal, kanál Orsós György „Bubu” - cayon, vocal

5 (2)
Short Fiction IVÁNYI Marcell (Hungary)
During a film course in 1994, Yvette Bíró showed us "Les Trois femmes" (Three women), a black-and-white photo taken by Lucien Hervé (Audincourt, France) in 1951, and gave us the task of shooting a short film based on it. The three women are standing at the outskirts of a village, looking out of the picture into three directions. THis six-minute short shows what the Hervé photo does not.

5 (1)
Short Fiction GERŐ Marcell (Hungary)
Shock is a very special boy, because he is just like the others. He has to go to school for exactly the same reason as the others: to learn how to behave. To answer if asked, to be silent if not. To calculate during Math, to repeat the poem coming from the gramophone during Literature, to do the excercices during PE. Not to sneeze, because that is bad. Revolt only makes time longer...

3 (2)
Music Hartyándi Jenő (Czech Republic / Hungary / Serbia / USA)
leader: Rene Trossman - guitar, vocal (USA) Participants: Dankovszky Áron & Zombori Gábor - guitar (HUN) Gunyhó Kolos - harpness (HUN) Krunoslav Virovac - e.bass (SRB) Jaromír Pavelka - drums (CZE)
Film adatok

Category: MEDIAWAVE Festival / Gathering / MEDIAWAVE 2008

Genre: Short Fiction

Nationalities: Hungary

Year: 2008

Premiere: World premier

Film adatok

Director: DEÁK Péter

5 min. 2007 DVD, Colour, szöveges, Hungarian, English felírattal

Production: Sysplex Media

Screenplay: Deák Péter

Operatőr: Temesi Ádám

Animátor: Bakó Péter, Deák Péter

Zeneszerző: Grósz Arthur Valentin

Vágó: Deák Péter

Szereplők: Gáspár András, Őze Áron, Nagy Fanni, Anna-Lena Dohrmann


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