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Within the confines of an underground theatre’s vaults, a young boy finds himself trapped as the evening’s events unfold.

Major screenings:

• The 3rd Annual SoCal Independent Film Festival
• 36th Festival du Nouveau Cinema de Montreal
• Small Town Film Festival 2007
• 30th Starz Denver Film Festival
• Hell's Half Mile Film and Music Festival 2007
• 13th Cucalorus Film Festival
• Cortopotere ShortFilmFestival 2007
• 20th Foyle Film Festival
• Barbados International Film Festival 2007
• 2nd Beverly Hills Hi-Def Film Festival
• 5th London Short Film Festival
• 2nd Trail Dance Film Festival
• 1st Festivus Film Festival
• British Film Festival - Israel
• 37th Rotterdam International Film Festival
• 23rd Santa Barbara International Film Festival
• 30th Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival
• 3rd NYC Dowtown Short Film Festival
• 20th Minimalen Short Film Festival
• Tampere International Film Festival 2008
• 7th Tiburon International Film Festival
• 2008 California Independent Film Festival
• Syracuse International Film Festival 2008


• NYC Picturestart Film Festival - Grand Jury Award for Best Film

• Slamdance 2008 the Grand Jury Award for Best Narrative Short


Daniel Mulloy studied fine art in London and New York, graduating in 2001. His first film, Dance Floor, won many accolades, including a BAFTA Cymru for Best Newcomer. Mulloy's second short, Sister, released in 2005, won another BAFTA and a slew of awards, including the ARTE Grand Prix in Hamburg and the Tamashi Award in Tokyo. Antonio's Breakfast premiered at Sundance in 2006 and has gained many awards at international festivals, including Mulloy’s third BAFTA win for Best Short Film. Dad premiered at Sundance in 2007 and has won another host of awards as well as being Nominated for the European Academy Award after winning the UIP in Krakow. Son was completed in June 2007 and since premiering in the US has begun to win awards including the Grand Jury Award for Best Narrative Short at Slamdance 2008.

Son 17mins 2007

Dad 7mins 2006

Antonio's Breakfast 16mins 2005

Sister 12mins 2005

Dance Floor 8mins 2002

Ohna Falby
Sister Films c/o Rattling Stick
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Film adatok
Film adatok

Director: Daniel MULLOY

17 min. 2007 35mm, Colour, szöveges, English

Distribution: Ohna Falby, Jim Tracy

Production: Ohna Falby

Screenplay: Daniel Mulloy

Operatőr: Robbie Ryan

Zeneszerző: Adrian Sical

Vágó: Dan Robinson

Szereplők: Nathalie Press, James Wilson, Glenn Doherty

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