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Bee Dance
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What does 'SECURITY' mean to an average person living now in Hungary?

Major screenings:
m2 - egyszeri vetítés, 2007 október
Magyar Filmszemle, 2008 - az információs programban
Méhek tánca

Attila Mispál first attended the Faculty of Arts of Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest then graduated in the Hungarian Academy of Film and Drama in 1998 as a film and television director. He has been working as director’s assistant to Ildikó Enyedi, Márta Mészáros, József Pacskovszky, István Szaladják, Mari Cantu, István Dárday, Györgyi Szalai and others as well as casting director on international productions and commercials. He was a member of the Bárka Theatre’s Arts Board in Budapest for seven years. He also did television work as a director (documentaries, programmes on theatre, litterature and art). His first long feature film Paths of Light was released in 2006.

Selected filmography

• 1993 Öreg molnár és szélmalom – Old Miller and Wind Mill
16 mm, 12 minutes, documentary/drama

• 1994 Hajszál és csengettyű - A Single Hair and a Hand-bell
16 mm, 18 minutes, drama

• 1995 Angst
Betacam video and 35 mm film, 18 minutes, drama

• 1998 Altamira
35 mm, 42 minutes, drama

• 2005 A fény ösvényei - Paths of Light
35 mm, 90 minutes, drama

• 2007 Méhek tánca - Bee Dance
Tv film, 62 minutes, drama
co-writer / director

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Film adatok

Category: MEDIAWAVE Festival / Gathering / MEDIAWAVE 2008

Genre: Feature

Nationalities: Hungary

Year: 2008

Film adatok

Director: MISPÁL Attila

62 min. 2007 DVD, Colour, szöveges, Hungarian, English felírattal


Screenplay: Kertész Ákos, Mispál Attila

Operatőr: Pap Ferenc

Zeneszerző: Márkos Albert

Vágó: Szirti Anina

Narrátor: Horváth Lajos Ottó

Szereplők: Horváth Lajos Ottó, Ráckevei Anna, Katkó Ferenc, Újhelyi Kinga, Trill Zsolt

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