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HAPPY NEW YEAR - special music films and webTV new programme

You can find MEDIAWAVE webTV program guide below!


WebTV is presented in a totally new shape offering our audience several view options. First of all you can watch the programmes the same way you do it on your TV by opening them. Naturally the difference between webTV and regualr tv programmes is the fact you can stop and continue or repeat the programmes whenever you want to. 

If you find a movie in the programme guide, which is currently not active, then you can search its title in the film archive and you can watch it there. 
We greatly recommend you to search for films in the film archive, which gives you a hand in different ways to find the movie you are looking for. On one hand it contains several movies' database. a part of the films are accessible on the website, the other part of them can be found on dvd or vhs in our film archive which opens in February, 2009.  
If you have any questions, comments, ideas about the film archive, please, do not hesitate to contact us: hartyand@mediawave.hu

Népszerű filmek

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Animation Osi WALD (Izrael)
"This urgent feeling… grandma is going to die. As if time were paused and all I have is this moment, to change her image of me, the way this relationship will have been engraved in memory." When Gil arrives at the hospital, she meets her grandmother, the myth, lying as a vegetable. This exchange in roles allows her to talk with her, as she never talked before. Is it possi...

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Documentary / Music / Dance Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary / Romania / Slovakia)

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Documentary Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)

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Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Germany / Serbia)
Thea Soti - vocal Daniel S. Scholz - oud Johannes Keller - bass Jonas Pirzer - percussions Eastern-European melodies meet jazz and orient in a modern and experimental setting. A fresh new project of the Hannover-based singer. Thea Soti and three jazz musicians, who combine the musical tradition of Hungary with the rhythm of Middle-East. Seeking for the roots of melody and rhyth...

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Experimental CSOBOD Judit (Hungary)
Videoperformance about the wish of freedom, and about the process of searching freedom...

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Short Fiction Gabriel SARBU (Romania)
A story from everyday reality: a woman, clumsy driver, a man, experienced driver but clumsy relationship partner, more or less disguised theft …

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Short Fiction David BIRNBAUM (Canada)
In a future-past world crumbling and wracked by perpetual war, frantic preparations for a music recital are underway in a disintegrating theatre. With the bombings becoming more frequent, only one thing holds the structure together – the unwavering determination of a forgotten old man in the cellar beneath the janitor’s apartment. Will this be enough to protect them all from catastrophe?

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Documentary VÁGI Barbara & TALÁN Csaba (Hungary)
Struggle against loneliness and despondency. To give up or to live on? A story about two lonesome old people fighting for survival while lost in the Hungarian Plain’s boondocks. The protagonists of this documentary – 76-year-old Ilona Hevesi and 86-year-old János Földvári Nagy – gave us the chance to follow their everyday lives, troubles, fears and – ever so rarely– their happiness...

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Animation MURÁNYI-MATZA Teréz (Hungary)
HUNGARIAN COMPETITION also Animation about the joy of love and creation, the play between the male and the female essence visualized in a metaphoric, simbolic way, the ferility (creativity) which is ours to give birth to a new life, a new work of art, like gods, artists and women. Everything is erotic but sacred and is expressed in a abstract, poetic language.

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